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Everyone Who Knows My Wife Feels This Way

English teacher: I tell her I can’t come to bed because I’m working. So basically, the definition [of a Penolopean web] is doing something to avoid doing something you don’t want to do.
Kid: Are you saying you’d rather plan our lessons than have sex with your wife?
English teacher: [Leaves the room.] –LaGuardia High Overheard by: ToMuchInfo

And I’ve Got that on VHS, So It’s Cool

Dude #1: Did you get that video yet?
Dude #2: No. Besides, my DVD player is broken.
Dude #1: No shit! Dude, that sucks.
Dude #2: Sure does… But not really — there aren’t too many good movies, anyway.
Dude #1: Yeah, just Predator. –Locker room