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Grey’s Wednesday One-Liners

Girl talking to another girl: I like rectal physiology. –Grand Central Overheard by: no need to take her to a movie Fireman, mocking drunk voice and crazy walking: Where are my kneecaps? Has anyone seen my kneecaps? Where the hell did my kneecaps go? –Times Square Overheard by: jacki Man on street talking seriously to friend: And then the lady’s head fell into the toilet bowl. –White St & W. Broadway Overheard by: I would have loved to hear the ending of this story.. Guy: It would be better if we could see our own bodies cut up, all laid out on front of us like this! –Entering the Bodies Exhibition, South Street Seaport Girl in train: It’s so cold that my ears are freezing their asses off! –4 Train Overheard by: Not High, Kumar Woman at next table: Well, I only get cold sores on my nose. –The Mermaid Inn, 2nd Ave & 5th

Back Off, Man. I’m a Wednesday One-Linerist

Teacher: I mean, with all the salt I eat, my blood pressure should be equal to Avogadro’s number over Planck’s constant! But it’s not… –Brooklyn Tech Overheard by: Liz Middle-school Latina to posse of Asian males: Asian girls aren’t smaller — they have six muscles in their vagina, and white girls have four, and black girls have two. That’s because black guys have the biggest penises, so the women have fewer muscles. And Asian men have the smallest, so the women have six muscles so it feels tighter… It’s true. I learned it in biology. –Brooklyn-bound N train Overheard by: Shannon Conductor: This is the train to Huntington. This is the train going to Huntington! If you didn’t hear your stop before, this is not the train you’re supposed to get on! Come on, people — this is not quantum physics, people! If your stop is not called, this is not your train! –LIRR, Huntington Branch, Jamaica stop Overheard by: Jenn Skanky mom: Just not too much science stuff, okay? –In line, Museum of Natural History Overheard by: Dork