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Wednesday One-Liners Make Your Eyes Water

Young man to another: And I was like, "No, man. A girl ain't supposed to smell like that, yo." –Broadway & 37th St Overheard by: glm Loud Long Island woman to drunk friends: Yeah, I got really used to that smell once he came back from Nepal… –LIRR Guy to girl: I don't want to bring home a girl who smells like urine. –36th & 5th Hipster 20-something to preteen sister: This does not smell like Costa Rica! (pauses, as though to make sure) 14th Street in New York City does not smell like Costa Rica! –14th St & 7th Ave Overheard by: David Man complaining to friend: If she does that one more time… I mean, if that bitch comes home one more time with her breath smelling like some other guy's dick, I swear to fucking god… I'll leave her. –Times Square Overheard by: drekdude

The Wednesday One-Liner Diet Doesn't Work

Little girl to sister: It has 140 calories in it, that could like… kill you. –Food Emporium, 68th & Broadway Blonde girl on phone: Yeah, I need to lose like 30 pounds but the problem is that I got my body used to food. –224th St & Jamaica Avenue Teen girl, after being caught with empty beer cans: No! Trust me, it wasn't me. I don't drink beer, it has way too many calories! –Park Slope 40-something mom to chubby daughter with YMCA gymnastics shirt: Don't eat here, go to CVS! Get some mints… you'll be fine. –Wendy's At Metropolitan Ave. and Woodhaven Blvd, Queens Overheard by: D. Scibe Very old, overweight mother to old less overweight daughter: I need to lose 20 pounds, but you, you need to lose 40 pounds. When you're as skinny as her (points at woman working at register), then I'll buy you carrot cake! –168th & Broadway Overheard by: Alison R. Women in Morbidly obesity couple walking hand in hand. The woman says "harry, I hate it when we're on separate starvation schedules." –7th St & First Ave

Wednesday One-Glove-Liners

20-something female shopkeeper to coworker, as Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" plays on the radio: Did you hear he's sick? Apparently, he's in the hospital. I know, it's crazy. Can you imagine if he dies? If he dies, that'll be, like, the most awful thing to happen to America in years! –Pet Food Store Overheard by: Nathalie Suit on cell: What if Michael Jackson sucking your dick was the cure for cancer? –8th & Broadway Man, lighting cigarette: So what'd he die from? A sunburn? –Chambers St. & West Broadway Middle aged black lady on cell: If you can get Michael Jackson on a condom box it would definitely sell. –MacDougal & 8th St Nine-year-old boy, pointing to a newspaper article, to younger sister: Oh yeah, that guy? He was fifty. He used to be a black guy but made himself become white. –Canal & Orchard, Chinatown Overheard by: Lauren T. Large tattooed man, discussing Michael Jackson: One of those kids is his; the other two can't be, they're white. They were all unofficially inseminated, though. –Delancey & Essex

As Youngsters, the Kardashians Were Pretty Much the Way They Are Today

Eight-year-old sister: Oh, I'm telling momma that you been mean to that boy and you been cussin'! She'll take your allowance away!
Eight-year-old brother: Fuck you! Suck my dick!
Eight-year-old sister: I'll take your allowance and your dick! –Tompkins Ave & Flushing Ave, Brooklyn Overheard by: pechewychomp

…in Between Rounds Of Square Dancing.

Little boy to older sister: Look at that ugly bird.
Older sister, bored: Yeah, wow.
Little boy: I wanna crash it…stupid bird.
Older sister: Don't do that baby, it's not nice.
Little boy: Why not? I just wanna crash it.
Older sister: Because serial killers kill animals when they're little.
Little boy: What's a serial killer?
Older sister: It's something white people do for fun. –7th Ave & 9th St, Brooklyn Overheard by: I have yet to kill anyone

Wednesday-One-Liner Me, Kate

Black lesbian hipster: Don't, like, kiss me or look into my eyes…just fuck me and then buy me lunch. –Eugene Lang College Overheard by: Helena the Great Little boy to sister, watching couple kissing and hugging: Ewwwwww! He kissed her! –3rd Ave & 34th St Overheard by: Valley Guy on cell: So then if she has herpes, should I not kiss her? –PATH Train Woman to toddler: Yes, it's good. It's very good. Kissing and hugging are good. –Eldridge St, Chinatown Overheard by: wheelerface Dad, to teenage son: Hey, Karen kissed me. And it was real. –E 20th St Overheard by: Angela 250-pound male Metro worker, singing gruffly: I kissed a girl and I liked it! –Grand Central Overheard by: Chis K

Wednesday One-Eyed-Trouser-Snake-Liners

Middle aged woman on cell: You will never see your penis again! No more penis! Is that punishment enough for you? –82nd & Columbus Ave Black man to friend: None of them jeans fit, cuz my cock is just too huge, nigga! –Steve & Barrys, Mariners Harbor Staten Island Overheard by: Samantha Sister to brother leaning on her crossed leg: Excuse me, I feel like your pee-pee is resting on my foot. –7 Train Latina to friend: He did everything short of taking out his penis and smacking him with it! –Jerome Ave, the Bronx Chick: Man, I just feel like there are a lot of penises and penis information in my life lately. –Columbia University Overheard by: Meister E. Middle aged man on cell: But does she know about King Dong, the penis pump? –Stuyvesant St, Manhattan