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Catch-of-the-Day Wednesday One-Liners

Guy on bench to friend: What did you do? You can't just eat a fish! –Central Park North Chick on cell: Were we attacking each other with goldfish last night? –Columbia University Overheard by: Ladle Woman to friend: And on top of that, I hear she smokes like a fish! –Columbus & 67th Overheard by: abcnews Girl on cell: I don't have snakeskin shoes, but I have these fish shoes I really love. Yeah, they're made out of fish scales. They're awesome. –Penn Station Middle-aged African American woman: I went to eat in the Bronx and she gave me naked fish. –Grand Central Terminal Overheard by: the guy behind the guy

The High Times Of Wednesday One-Liners

Mother to friend: If our kids would just smoke weed they'd be fine. –Borough Hall, Brooklyn Five-year-old child, walking past table of glass bongs and pipes: Daddy, I want one! –Astor Place Promoter for comedy club: Free bag of weed if you come to the 9:30 show! –Times Square Enthusiastic, loud girl on cell: Smoking pot? So you were smoking…you don't have to be so worried about people hearing what you're saying, nobody's even listening…seriously. –27th & 7th Overheard by: And she had to end up being in my class.. 30-something lady: When she was just selling pot to Kevin Nealon, I think that was better. –Union Square Overheard by: Brainy