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My Babies Will Be Ugly on the Inside, Just Like Their Mother

Teen #1: No, like, I feel BAD for ugly babies. It’s not their fault.
Teen #2: I mean, it’s like, oh my God, your little girl is so cute… what, it’s a boy? Oh my God, I am so sorry.
Teen #3: People always thought I was a boy when I was little. It was, like, so weird. Because I was obviously really cute, and I… I still am. Right, ladies?
Teen #1: Um, can you hand me a paper towel?
Teen #2: I have a headache. Ugh. Damn morning-after pill. No ugly babies for me!

–TGI Friday’s, 59th & Lex

Overheard by: not admitting she was in a T.G.I.Fridays

I Knew a Girl Like That Once

Guy #1: You’re the first person I’ve seen that washed their hands before going to the toilet.
Guy #2: My godfather was a doctor and he got it into my head at a young enough age that I had to always do it.
Guy #1: Really? He must have been a bit of a strange doctor.
Guy #2: Yeah…He specialized in infectious diseases. –Milk and Honey bathroom, Eldridge Street

There’s an Extra Fee for Her to Actually Look

Guy in stall #1: $700? Fuck that shit…And she won’t even do anything but dance? Not even a–you know?
Guy in stall #2: That’s right. I said, “If you’re not going to touch me, what’s the point?” I want more than a dance. These girls have it too easy.
Guy in stall #1: Fuck her! I can get a hooker in my room for $300 and she’ll stay till I finish. –Lace men’s room, 7th Avenue Overheard by: E.C.

Why There Are So Many Starbucks

Tourist lady #1: I can’t believe they only have five stalls in here!
Tourist lady #2: Oh, you just wait until you get into the city — there’s less there!
Tourist lady #1: Oh…
Tourist lady #2: Yeah, you’ll be peeing in your cup!
Woman stranger in stall: I’ve done that!

–Bathroom, JFK

I Knew This Planned Parenthood Internship Would Pay Off

Dude #1: …so do you think I can have dibs on her, or is that not a good idea?
Dude #2: What do you mean?
Dude #1: Well, she had an abortion six weeks ago.
Dude #2: Oh dude, what are you doing!?
Dude #1: Yeah, but can't she not get pregnant because she just had an abortion?
Dude #2: Oh, that's a good point. I don't think that works like that…
Dude #1: But it was six weeks ago.
Dude #2: Oh, I thought you said six months ago! Yeah, man, you got a sweet deal there. I can't believe your luck, where do you keep meeting these women!?

–Bathroom, Fordham University

Overheard by: Martin Van Nostrand