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Actually, I Think That’s a Guild Bylaw

Meth addict #1: So… What kind of work you in?
Young woman, holding up name tag which says ‘social worker’: Social Work.
Meth addict #2: Where do you work?
Young woman: Planned parenthood
Meth addict #1: Shit. Can you find her kid? They got him in foster care.
Young woman: No, sorry. I don’t work for child services. Contact your county officials and explain your situation to them.
Meth addict #2: Yeah I don’t know where he is at. Can you get him?
Young woman: I work at Planned Parenthood. Sorry.
Meth addict #2: Just ’cause you’re pretty you can’t treat people like shit.
Young woman: Just because you do drugs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your teeth.

–Uptown 4 train

The DEA Endorses Wednesday One-liners

Sorority girl: No, really. My brother took acid, thought he could fly, and jumped out our second story window. This really happened. –Columbia University Library Overheard by: Michael Niederman Hipster guy: I love fried chicken and cocaine. –11th & B Guy: Yeah, alcohol…It’s my anti-drug. –45th & 9th Overheard by: teo