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Rinse, Repeat

Teen girl #1: Wait, so you just let him do you in the butt? You let him sodomize you?
Teen girl #2: It wasn’t bad. I couldn’t shit for a few days, though. So I took some laxatives, then I shit myself in the mall yesterday.

–Liberty Island

Overheard by: binja

Afghanistan is an Early Olympic Favorite

Guy: So then why are guys from the Eastern Europe and black guys so good at basketball?
Dad: Natural selection.
Guy: What?
Dad: They’ve had to fight to survive. It weeds out the physically inadequate.
Guy: Give me a break. It’s the ghetto, not some Hobbesian state of nature; they’re not cavemen living in anarchy up there. –Madison Square Garden

Ever Feel This Way About Life?

Clueless European tourist: Is this the train to, um, men-a-tin?
Loud annoyed New Yorker: Where?
Clueless European tourist, carefully: Man-hat-tan?
Loud annoyed New Yorker: You're in Manhattan already!
Clueless European tourist, looking around confused: Um, downtown?
Loud annoyed New Yorker: That's the only place this train goes. You can't go anywhere else from here!

–A Train, 207th St

Overheard by: The Green Cat

Wednesday One-Liners … For Me to Poop On!

Girl yelling at guy wearing ridiculously oversized shorts: Eat my shit out the toilet! Stew my shit and eat it!

–109th & Manhattan

Random girl: The only thing is, you have to flush your own toilet paper.

–Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Overheard by: the old fashioned way

Teenager: So then I pooped my pants, and my belt buckle exploded!

–Fulton Street

Overheard by: The Lane Train

10-year-old boy walking with his mom and sister: I'm a good guy. I don't pee on the floor. Or doo doo.

–Broadway, Astoria

Teen on cell: Alright, I'm gonna go home. I gotta clean up some poop.

–49th & 3rd

Girl: He called me last night and said he wanted to see me! When the maid knocked on the door I thought it was him and I thought, "I think I have to poop!"

–Milford Hotel Lobby