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Who Wears the Pants in Your Wednesday One-Liners?

Older man: If you drank a thousand gallons of beer, and then took off your pants… –79th & West End Girl to guy with beavers on pants: Excuse me, are those beavers on your pants? –6 Train 20-something preppy girl on cell: Whenever I'm cheating on my boyfriend, I take off my pants and pretend to be an albino bunny. –Central Park Overheard by: that one girl Guy on cell: If I don't get in her pants tonight, I'm gonna fuck you up! –1st Ave Aging drag queen to friend: It's much better than sick obsessions with blond males between the ages of 18 and 25 who always take their pants off to play GameCube. –The Village Overheard by: Amused NYU Tischie

Wednesday One-Liners Need to Be Consoled

Tech guy: It would suck to be a cow, then you couldn't play Street Fighter. –Marymount Manhattan College Blond girl, regarding Egyptian artifacts: This is just like a video game! –The Met Overheard by: Rachael and Ben Mindless dude playing PSP: Damn! Why is this bitch calling me? (answers cell) What do you want, you made me stop my game! (pause) My game as in "my video game," psh! (pause) Shit, if I had any game I wouldn't be with a bitch that looks like you, now what do you want? –A Train Overheard by: token white chick Ghetto kids, as 95-year-old Chinese lady walks into moving traffic: Damn, she think she playing Frogger! –Chinatown Friend to friend: I wonder how Super Mario Bros will influence my decision? –Houston St & Broadway

Forty-Year-Old Wirgins

Asian guy #1: Dude, the Wii is so much better than the Cube.
Asian guy #2: No, the Cube is so much better!
Asian guy #3: Yeah, the Cube has so much more power, and the dynamics of the graphics…
Asian guy #2, interrupting: The graphics! They are soooo awesome!
Asian guy #1: Hey, guys? Why are we talking about video games?
Asian guy #3: Because we're boys.
Asian guy #2: Nah…because we're Asian.
Asian guy #3: Dude, if I could be Colossus it would be sooo cool, cuz I wouldn't have to wear my glasses anymore! –Downtown 6 Train Overheard by: Emma Headline by: Doc Dan Runners-Up:
· “And Have an Undersized Metal Penis!” – Patrick
· “Every Asian Girl´s Parents´ Wet Dream!” – Ria
· “It Was at This Moment Kim Jong-il Selected His Son to Be His Successor” – What about NES?
· “Somewhere, the Mutant Sunspot Is Gently Weeping” – wirrrn
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If a Boy Is Your Friend, Is He Your Wednesday One-Liner?

Hot Latina: He doesn't look like someone I'd want to fuck. But neither does my boyfriend… Well, depending on what he's wearing. –3rd Ave & 46th St Overheard by: SillyUrn Girl to friend: If my boyfriend ever asked me to do that, I would get a new boyfriend, preferably the blow-up one that I already have in my bed. –Dorm, NYU Overheard by: amused Girl in leopard print pajamas: My boyfriend is the voice on Dora the Explorer. Name dropped. –Elevator, NYU Overheard by: babaganoush the great Teen boy on cell: Hi, Lisa, it's Matt. Sarah and I were just talking about how much you love tools, so I went to Home Depot today and picked you up a new boyfriend. –N Train Overheard by: SueCity Yuppie to friends: So my boyfriend called me last night and asked me, "Hey, do you even know my name?" and I said, "Well…no." –1 Train Overheard by: yams

…Just Like Guitar Hero.

Guy #1: Mario and Luigi are so Mexican.
Guy #2: What?! Are you crazy? They're Italian, duh!
Guy #1: No, but they've got the mustache, you know? That's so Mexican!
Guy #2: No, they have Italian mustaches!
Guy #1: Psst, you do know what the whole point of the game is, right?
Guy #2: Yeah, these two Italian guys go and save some kidnapped princess.
Guy #1: Really? I thought it was about two Mexicans trying to hop the border. –Chambers & Greenwich Overheard by: Milo