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…He'd Like a Large Pepperoni Pizza, Please.

Construction man to Indian restaurant server: Can I get a chicken lo mein?
Server: Uh… That's Chinese food, this is an Indian food restaurant. The Chinese take-out is next door, but it's closed.
Construction man to walkie talkie: Hey, Charlie, this is a Thai place and they don't have chicken lo mein. Want something else instead?

–Indian Restaurant, Brooklyn Bridge

Overheard by: HungryMan

One Time I Caught Him Doing a Line of Mashed Potatoes

Elderly man to waiter: You know, that looks like 'shrooms.
Waiter: Sir, this is couscous.

–Broadway & 90th

Overheard by: GuyonaMac

Headline by: Bojo

· “All Of Us Have a Bad Experience with Rice-A-Roni” – the blue one

· “Bernie’s Attempts at Discreetly Finding a Drug Dealer Have Failed Yet Again” – RaeAn
· “It’s Not Easy Being Keith Richards’ Waiter” – I’ll have the mushroom soup
· “Well, Then You Clearly Got My Order Wrong.” – Timmy
· “Whatever, As Long As It Gets Me Where I Want to Go” – PeterG

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