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Even the Fans Inject

Dad: Ok, ok, it’s two outs, we’ll go after this batter.
Boy: Dad, I want water!
Dad: You know what I see? An impatient little boy who can’t wait five minutes.
Boy: You know what I see? Someone who’s gonna have their face broken because they didn’t have any water! –Yankee Stadium Overheard by: Becka Dash

Hence the Baseball Tickets

Guy #1: Before I forget, I got four Yankee tickets for us tomorrow night. I’m gonna bring my father.
Guy #2: Did you get these tickets from a scalper?
Guy #1: Yeah.
Guy #2: Well, the Yankees don’t play in December. Neither does any other team. Baseball season ended almost two months ago, dumbass. You got fuckin duped. How much did you pay for these?
Guy #1: Ah, shit. Like a hundred bucks.
Guy #2: Dumbass.
Guy #1: Then why did my father ask me to get tickets for tomorrow night’s game if they’re not even playing?
Guy #2: I don’t know. He’s probably a dumbass like you. You’re a whole family of dumbasses. –Starbucks, 42nd & Broadway